Built using our core experience in software
development, database design, facilities
management, CAD and mapping, GraphicVision
offers five commercial software applications. All are
available as hosted solutions or in-house installations.

ScheduleFM™ meets unique or complex scheduling needs by providing flexible functionality to manage scheduling of facilities and other assets, indoors or out, stationary or mobile.

ScheduleFM Ticketeer
ScheduleFM Athletics gives athletic directors and administrators an efficient way to schedule sporting events and facilities simultaneously.

ScheduleFM Ticketeer
ScheduleFM Ticketeer helps schools and other organizations manage the sales and distribution of tickets for small to medium sports venues, efficiently and cost-effectively.

ScheduleFM Graphics
ScheduleFM Graphics adds dynamic graphics that are datatbase-driven. This provides for highlight-by and thematic displays, along with georeferenced placement of graphic elements over top of real-world maps and imagry. .

ScheduleSense makes educational facility scheduling easy and efficient, allowing schools, colleges and universities to maximize the use of their facilities and generate revenue.

GraphicVision has partnered with ARCHIBUS since 1995 and has integrated its ScheduleFM application with several ARCHIBUS clients. This tight integration between space management and facility scheduling provides control over both space and time inventories. ARCHIBUS provides a breath of facility management functionality, supports multiple databases and is available as a customizable, on-site solution.

GraphicVision looks to FaciltyTree to provide complementary work order functionality that expands the scope of its scheduling offerings. Scheduling an asset can trigger a related work order and provide coordination between normally disparate departments. FacilityTree offers a suite of competitively priced facility management applications available as a hosted solution.

ScheduleFM Graphics utilizes ESRI to provide consistent presentations and unique visual opportunities to display data. GraphicVision has partnered with ESRI for stadium seating applications, providing interactive seat selection through a web interface. These map environments are dynamic and driven by underlying database information.

AwaysisVacations partners GraphicVision to facilitate their on-line facility management application. Awaysis provides on-line tools and consulting for the short term residential rental market.